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Yu-Kuang (Cory) Chu

Blogger 📝 / Photographer 📷 / Filmmaker 🎥 / Taiwanese 🇹🇼
Researcher 🌟- Gravitational waves / Cosmology

About Me 👀

Hi~ I'm a Ph.D. student 🎓 studying gravitational wave physics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and the Center for Gravitation, Cosmology, and Astrophysics (CGCA). As a student in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, my current research is mainly focused on the data analysis of gravitational waves. That includes blackhole population inference using GPPOP and generating/verifying the p-astro/em-bright values of GW CBC candidates using the posterior samples from Parameter Estimation (PE).Previously, when I was a Master's student at NTNU and a research assistant at Academia Sinica, I learned how to build the calibration hardware for the KAGRA gravitational waves detector in Japan. That includes designing and fabricating electrical circuits and building up laser optical systems for the KAGRA Photon Calibrator. For more information, you may refer to my Master's Thesis and a tutorial I wrote about how to make PCB.In addition, I am also interested in problems in Cosmology. I've learned how to calculate the scattering amplitude using Feynmann diagrams in a study on dark matter and learned how to analytically calculate the polarization-dependent overlap-reduction function (ORF) for the Stochastic Gravitational Waves Background (SGWB) search, as we demonstrated in this paper. You may refer to my INSPIRE-HEP or Google-Scholar page for a complete list of my publications.On the other hand, I'm interested in computer-related subjects as well. I've helped maintain KAGRA data mirroring from Japan to the Academia Sinica Grid-computing Centre (ASGC) using XRootD software by creating some bash scripts. At that time, I also wrote a simple GPS time converting tool in C++. Furthermore, as my side project, I've written a tutorial about performing a numerical simulation of the 1-D Schrodinger equation using Python and C++.Finally, I believe that writing and teaching is the best way to learn things. I've made some LaTeX PDF notes on various topics in physics. If you found any problems in them or found them helpful, feel free to give me some feedback or suggestions. Besides, I'm a Programmer, a Blogger, a Photographer,  and an Amateur Filmmaker. Also, I'm in charge of the Live Streaming for our Coffee Shop Astrophysics outreach events. Feel free to check out my Github, Medium, Flickr, Instagram, and YouTube Channel. ❤️

Research 👨‍🎓



  • Master's Thesis: Development of KAGRA Photon Calibrator for Hardware Injection Test [JGWdoc] [ndltd] [NTNU]

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Designed Websites 💻

  • ASIoP x GWLab
    A website for the Gravitational Waves Detection Lab at the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica.
    Skills: HTML / CSS
  • NTNU x HEP
    A website for the High Energy Physics Group at the Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University.
    Skills: PHP (CodeIgniter Framework) / MySQL / HTML / CSS

High School Physics Lecture Note

A Lecture Note for high school physics in Taiwan